ABT Sportsline – 112 years of power and innovation

112 years ago, Johann Abt from Kempten, Germany founded a blacksmith’s with a famous idea: to convert carriages, so that they could even be used in the harsh Allgäu winter. Since the time of its foundation the company has continued to develop and even maintained this policy even throughout hart times. Meanwhile in the fourth generation, Hans-Jürgen ABT and his brother, the former DTM pilot Christian Abt, are leading the company to new customisation heights. Next to professional racing involvement and product development, both brothers manage successfully the global growth of the world’s largest and most successful tuner of Volkswagen group vehicles.

Innovation and constantly growing know-how ensure that ABT Sportsline is able to set trends, way ahead of others. “It is vitally important for our company to be able to adjust to the ever-changing conditions as quickly as possible, or even better to anticipate them”, says Hans-Jürgen Abt. As a result, ABT Sportsline continues to invest in its own capabilities: the best example are the highly-modern performance engine test stations, practically the most modern and unique engine test equipment in Germany, which raises engine developments to a totally new level.

The ABT engineers are able to build precision high-performance automotive equipment including ABT turbo chargers and ABT superchargers. The quality of ABT bodywork components is industry leading and is verified by the German TÜV pedestrian impact protection tests, which ABT passed successfully as the first company in the Germany tuning scene.
The 2013 ABT Sportsline fleet includes the new ABT Golf VI and ABT GTI, followed by ABT Scirocco, ABT Tiguan and ABT Touareg as well as ABT Sportsline VW Polo. In the Audi sector, ABT created outstanding vehicles with the ABT Audi Q5, ABT Q7, ABT A5, ABT A4 and of course the pinnacle of German engineering : the ABT RS6 and ABT R8.
Here is why you should consider tuning your Volkswagen / VW or Audi with ABT Sportsline equipment and tuning options imported directly and installed by RamSpeed.

Latest Movers:
Volkswagen Golf R is an amazing machine in stock format. The handling and power delivery characteristics of the Golf R are as good as they get in a compact sports-orientated hatch. ABT Sportsline has been responsible for tuning just about every VW car and with a great platform to begin with, this vehicle is no exception. The Golf R is delivered from the factory with over 190KW, however in Australia it has been detuned and sold with only 188Kw’s. Call Ramspeed on 1800 887 930 regarding your tuning options from ABT.

ABT Audi A3
No stone has been left unturned on this latest hot hatch from Audi. With ABT Sportsline enhanced styling, handling and power delivery, you can expect even more driving enjoyment. Call RamSpeed for additional information.

For more information about ABT Sportsline Australia and for the full range of performance and enhancement products for your VW or Audi visit :www.ramspeed.com.au Waiving the ABT Sporsline flag since 2008.